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Tree stumps are most common if you have had to remove trees from your property before. While stumps can be annoying, they can also make your property look unattractive. Moreover, stumps can attract pests. Rotting stumps attract all kinds of pests from termites and mold to fungi. None of these pests are good to have within close proximity to your house. Our stump grinders are trained to take care of your stumps. You can have the stumps ground deep, allowing the roots to decay underground, or you can have our excavator bring in to remove every root, giving you a clean slate. There are many reasons to remove a stump from a tree. For a free stump removal quote, call our team.

Methods to Remove Stumps

To remove a tree takes more than just cutting the branches and hauling the trunk away. To make space, you must also consider the stump that was left behind. But don’t fret! A trusted tree stump removal company is here for you! To remove stumps, we use two pieces of machinery:

Stump Grinder

A stump grinder and its operator can remove a stump from a tree that has been removed from a property. A stump grinder device is especially efficient if a stump can be accessed to be removed. These devices are equipped with a toothed grinder wheel. To grind a stump, the wheel rotates and is moved by hydraulics. A stump is usually ground to around 20 inches below the ground. Sometimes, stump owners will plant new trees in the same spot where they were previously removed.


While stump grinding is most common, stump removal can also be done. This can be more expensive and time-consuming. To remove the stump, you will need to use additional equipment such as an excavator. Once you have removed the stump, you will find a hole that you need to fill with dirt. You can either grind the stump or remove it depending on what you want.

What is the cost of stump grinding? Prices will vary depending on what circumstances you have. These are the top causes of increased stump grinding costs.

Tree stump location

Is your stump located? Is it easy to reach from the highway? If it is difficult to access our stump-removal equipment, the tree stump removal cost may be higher. It can be difficult to remove tree stumps from a narrow path, in confined areas, or near walls and buildings. All of these factors will make it more difficult to grind the stump.

Tree Stump Size

The more extensive the stump, the more costly it will be to remove it. Not all tree services offer the same pricing. Tree service companies may charge by the inch. Some companies charge by the stump. It is possible to remove a stump from a difficult location with a smaller grinder. This will increase stump removal costs and take more time.

Tree stump type

Softwood stumps such as those made from pine and cedar trees are easier to remove. Dense hardwood trees like birches or hickories are more difficult to remove. Stump removal is more costly if the wood is difficult.

Certain tree species also have larger root balls than others, like the Queen palm, which is well-known for its large root ball. It will also mean that tree stump removal costs will be higher and take longer. The amount of work the stump grinder must do determines the cost of stump grinding. The cost to grind the stump to a particular depth will be higher than if we can do it at a shallower depth. It’s not a good idea for a tree to be planted in the same place twice, but grinding to a depth that allows this will definitely cost more.

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