Livingston Landscapes & Design offers various services that cover every stage of landscaping, from planning to ongoing care. See the sections on this page to learn more about how we could help you

Landscape Design

We offer a wide variety of design styles to be tailored to your individual project requirements

Landscape Installation

Whether we are working on a new design, a renovation, construction of an entire landscape, or a simple site improvement, Livingston Landscapes can make your project happen


Ongoing Maintenance

  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Beds, Hedge, Plant & Tree Maintenance
  • Fertilization of Grounds and Beds
  • Weed Control
  • Irrigation Maintenance and Repair

Tree Care

Tree Trimming would always have a specific goal in mind – some examples would be Crown Thinning, Branch Reduction, Crown Cleaning or Vista Pruning


Palm Pruning

Palms should be pruned when fronds, flowers, fruit or loose petioles might create a dangerous condition

Tree Removal

When a tree poses danger to a building, obstructive to a view or construction, dying or otherwise unwanted, tree removal may be necessary


How Can We Help You?

Find out how our experts can help you achieve what you have in mind