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Landscape Installation

Landscape installation on your property can be compared to adding an addition to your house. Landscape installations can be used to enhance the exterior of your home, much in the same way as paint or other decorative elements like bricks or siding. Landscape installation can have many benefits, including increasing your home’s value by as much as 20%, curb appeal, and preventing soil erosion. Landscape installations typically involve creating or adding new landscaping plantings around the foundation or in other areas. Landscape installation services usually include bed preparation, ornamental plants, shrubs, perennials, shrubs, as well as specimen trees such as Palms, Oaks, Maples, and more. Installations are usually done in the spring, summer, or fall.

Landscapers will amend the soil before planting. This is done to improve drainage, soil pH, and soil condition. After the soil is prepared, the plant material can be installed. The hardwood mulch will then be applied to the top of the soil for moisture conservation and weed suppression. Pest-control/prevention treatments may also be included. Installations may include hardscape materials like landscape boulders or special mulches. Statuary or a water feature, such as a fountain, dry riverbed, or other types of landscaping. Prices for new installation plantings vary from $50 to $10,000 depending on the style and complexity.

Things to Consider

Landscapes with unique needs may need extra care, such as extra fertilization, extra watering, deadheading, or additional pruning. You should consider which type of installation is best for you and your family.

At the beginning of your project, inform the landscaper if organic products and practices are preferred over man-made chemical fertilizers. If you need your installation to take place on a particular date to coordinate with an event like a wedding or graduation ceremony, it is important to start planning and interviewing contractors at least two to three months before the event.

For inspiration and ideas, check out our landscaper profiles on the website. Before you meet with a landscaper, make sure to have a list of landscape likes/dislikes or a sketch of the vision that you have in your mind. This will save time and money.

Some contractors and designers may charge an additional fee for consultations or formal design work. Ask for and verify all references of contractors. Before you sign any contract for a landscape, make sure that you understand all terms. Make sure you are familiar with any warranties given to plant materials. Ask for a post-installation maintenance plan and find out if maintenance is included in your project price.

Sod Installation

Although it may appear simple, sod installation requires skill and time. The preparation of sod for installation is crucial. If it is not done correctly, the sod won’t grow as it should.

It is important to carefully consider the selection of grasses. There are many types of grass used today in sod installation. These include Floratam grass which has replaced St. Augustine as a more sophisticated and heartier grass. While golf course grass is more difficult to maintain than other types, it has a unique purpose that can be used for beauty and function. Bahia grass, which can be found along I-95 or the turnpike, can survive and thrive on rainwater alone. Livingston Landscapes & Design is able to identify and maintain all kinds of grasses and will help you select the right sod for you. We will apply the correct fertilizer for your grass type, as well as routinely check for insects and do any other maintenance necessary. Livingston Landscapes & Design will install and maintain your lawn to keep it green and lush.

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