Irrigation Upgrade & Maintenance

You have a rain sensor installed, however your sprinklers keep on running in rain? We can help you save money on your water bill.

Time to upgrade your system to a ‘smart’ controller able to accurately predict weather changes and automatically adjust your watering schedule for the right amount of water, every time. Weather Intelligence enabled controllers use advanced weather forecasting from a network of local weather stations to deliver the right amount of water for your plants.

It automatically skips watering when enough rain is in the forecast, and changes with the weather to adjust for wind, temperatures, actual precipitation values, and more.

Old hydroindex valve based system with mechanical clock

Up-to-date electronic valves with ‘smart’ controller

Reduce your water bill by up to 30% with a minor investment. If you are using one of the old hydroindex valves like above, we will replace it with up-to-date electronic valves. Even if you have a newer ‘dumb’ controller, we can replace it with ‘smart’ controller helping you to save on your water bill.

We can of course also help you with other common issues like irrigation repairs and ongoing irrigation maintenance.