We prepare projects for a wide variety of design styles to be tailored to individual requirements.

Our designs take advantage of space and materials available for the transformation of the environment. We apply agronomic, architectural and artistic criteria to create green spaces intended for entertainment and relaxation.

The style of garden is adapted to best suit the client’s taste, taking advantage of available resources in the region.

Lush Tropical Garden

A relaxed style with lush, tropical plants and bold colors. Plants with large leaves like palm trees combined with bright flowers and lots of healthy greenery.sity of Mediterranean history, culture and religion.


A Mediterranean concept of outdoor living using designs originated in Italy and Spain making use of evergreen plants, topiaries, hedges and blooming material. Beautiful and pragmatic, the style developed out of the great diversity of Mediterranean history, culture and religion.

Contemporary Garden

A very simplistic and sometimes a minimalist style, having clean lines and striking forms and color that bring out the qualities of the elements in the garden, whether it is the building’s architecture, textures, shapes and colors of plants and other materials like metal, stone, glass, wood and water

East Asia Garden

Known for a meditative feeling of serenity. Stone and natural elements invite contemplation, while carefully-shaped plantings show our human interaction with the land