Tree Trimming Near Me

Tree Trimming Near Me

Proper pruning is an essential part of tree maintenance and safety. Not only does it improve the overall appearance of your trees, but it also helps to prevent tree breakage during Florida’s hurricane season. Pruning can be done to open up your view, let in more sunlight, avoid interference with utility lines, correct structural problems, remove deadwood and diseased or infested branches, and much more. If you are looking for the most trustworthy company for Tree Trimming Near Me look no further than Livingston Landscapes!

Although we prefer not to cut down trees, it’s sometimes the only reasonable option when a tree is dangerous, severely damaged, or in the wrong place. Tree removal, particularly in tight spaces or near structures (such as your home), is definitely not a DIY job. We have a full fleet of specialized tree service equipment, including safety equipment, and extensive skills and training to remove even the largest trees efficiently, properly, and safely.

At Livingston Landscapes, we’re proud of the highly specialized equipment we use to access and work on your trees, as well as our dedicated and skilled Arborists and tree care professionals.

We represent ourselves in a professional manner and all of our employees wear uniforms and protective safety gear when on the job site.

Our estimators and staff are always a phone call away ready to assist.

Just submit a request for a complimentary estimate – or give us a call – to experience a higher standard of tree care.

Protecting your trees and landscape from the elements and other environmental variables found in south Florida can be a daunting task at times. As homeowners and business owners we understand that there is no shortage of damaging tree and plant enemies, such as pests, weather, and chemicals, among other things. We also realize it can be impossible to even determine what the problem with your trees or plants may be, making it difficult to treat them effectively.

At Livingston, we specialize in the complete care and maintenance of all your trees, from hedges, and ornamentals to large trees and more. We understand your trees and their needs and for this reason have partnered with arborists, landscape designers, and other professionals in our industry to make sure your property receives the highest quality care available. Our knowledgeable and courteous tree service professionals can assist you with any issue your trees or plants may be having.

With our years of experience in doing lawn maintenance, you can best bet that your lawn is going to be healthy and beautiful by the time we’re done with the job. When maintaining it, we first mow the lawn if the grass is too tall. We then check the areas for bald patches of grass and other damaged parts of the lawn. Once we’ve found all of them, we try to work on them as best as we can. If you are looking for the most reliable Commercial Landscapers Near Me look no further than Livingston Landscapes!

Tree Trimming Near Me


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