LIVINGSTON LANDSCAPES & DESIGN offers various services that cover every stage of life of the landscape, from planning to ongoing care. See the sections on this page to learn more about our services and products.

Maintenance It is the service most in demand. We service restaurants, hotels, office buildings, condominiums as well as high-end residential. We offer different levels of services for commercial businesses and residential homes.


Installation We develop all types of landscaping projects, tree planting, installation of sod, construction of hedges and garden settings among others.


Design We prepare projects for gardening and landscaping for medium-scale enterprises. We also offer a wide variety of design styles of garden layouts for businesses and residential homes to be tailored to individual requirements.


Garden products We provide acclimated (F1 A1), tropical and exotic plants, trees grown on the ground or in containers, grass, flowers, fertilizer and other products for the garden.



  • Projects according to your requirements and budgets tailored to your needs.
  • Guarantees in project implementation.
  • Safety and effectiveness in every job done.
  • Materials and products of the highest quality, suited to the conditions of your garden.
  • Supervision and advice direct from the owners.