Native Florida Landscaping Tips


Landscaping in Florida has its own unique challenges and pitfalls. Here are some tips on how to give your South Florida property a professional look. Be sure to check out the tips below before you visit your local store. An organized garden is a great garden Plan your garden. Begin with and a design. Do […]

Best Grasses for Florida Landscaping


There are many options for choosing the grass you want for your lawn, regardless of whether you’re moving into a house or replacing an old one.  In Florida, it can be hard to find the grass that is right for your climate. Before you plant any grass, consider factors like the soil pH and the irrigation […]

Best Plants for Florida Landscaping


If your goal is to ensure that your home has most beautiful landscaping possible, the best place to start is by choosing the right flowers, trees, shrubs, and grass… but if you live in Florida, which has a very particular climate, there are some vrieties of plants that work best for this hot and humid […]

Condo Landscaping Projects

New Construction Landscaping 2

Condo Landscaping Projects tend to be smaller spaces, but they can offer great opportunities for landscape design. It can add value, function, and enjoyment to your property. Let Livingston Landscapes show you how to maximize your landscaping space that can add beauty to your home. Potted Gardens are a way to bring life and color […]

Tree Removal


Our tree care professionals are highly trained and committed to protecting and advancing urban forests. We offer both commercial and domestic tree removal. There are many tree removal service providers in Florida. Our years of experience in the tree trimming and tree removal industries have been invaluable. Livingston Landscapes is a company that has the best customer service and […]